The last project that we did on 3D and VFX whit Colombo Films producer studio. ¡Enjoy it! #HechoEnLAPOST Agency: Rep Grey Producer studio: Colombo Films Director: Daniel Danon Postproduction director: Dafna Vallejo Editing: Nicolás Herrán Color grading: Alejandro Armaleo 3D: Camilo Saavedra y Alejandro Jaramillo VFX: Felipe Figueroa y Cristobal Hoyos Executive prodcution: Alejandra Ramírez.


The last project on animation 3D by  LAPOST, for Alpina Company and their new campaing. Agency: Leo Burnett 3D animation: Camilo SaavedraAlejandro Jaramillo Compositing artist: Wanda Quintero Executive production: Alejandra Ramírez.

Aguila Cero

Check out our first production of year whit spots on 3D. #HechoEnLAPOST to Aguila Cero and Lowe SSP3.

| Spot (3D) Agency: Lowe SSP3 Postproduction director: Dafna Vallejo 3D: Diego Castañeda Compositing: Freddy Romero and Eddymer Salamanca Motion Graphics: Eddymer Salamanca Executive production: Alejandra Ramírez. In here all producer team aquí.

Promo Alquería

Promotional spot #HechoEnLAPOST whit integration, animation, vfx and more! – Producer Whiskey Films. Agency: Rep Grey Director: Gustavo Carvajal Editor: Nicolás Herrán Color grading: Jorge Roman 3D: Hernan GiraldoDiego Castañeda, Alejandro Jaramillo Compositing artis: Freddy Romero, Cristobal Hoyos Graphic composer: Wanda QuinteroEddymer Salamanca. Executive production: Alejandra Ramírez


Spot de TIC TAC #HechoEnLAPOST whit to TBWA Agency, by  Our People  of 3D and VFX. Agency: TBWA Producer: Direktor Films Director: Juan Beltrán Editor: Ana Alvarado 3D: Hernán GiraldoDiego Castañeda Locking: Hernán Giraldo, Alejandro Jaramillo, Diego Castañeda Color grading: 2-35  Composer: Dafna Vallejo


Check out the simulation, animation credits, graphical composition and others, #HechoEnLAPOST for this commercial by TBWA Agency.

Agency: TBWA Producer: Direktor Films Director: Juan Carlos Beltrán Edition: Ana Alvarado Color grading: 2-35 Digital 3D: Hernán Giraldo y Diego Castañeda Graphic composer: Dafna Vallejo Executive production: Alejandra Ramírez