The new proyect by LAPOST reload! Produced by Colombo and #HechoEnLAPOST for Lowe y Finess. Agency: Lowe SSP3 Director: Salo Simhon Producer studio: Colombo Films Editing: Juan Sebastián Rodríguez Motion Graphics: Jorge Rey 3D: Juan Silvestre Rendón, Alejandro Jaramillo VFX: Cristobal Hoyos Color grading: Roberto de Zubiria


We learned that one is never enough. The spot #HechoEnLAPOST for one campaing addressed by Rafa Martinez, Direktor Films producer studio. Agency: Rep Grey Producer studio: Direktor FIlms Director: Rafa Martinez Editing: Ana Alvarado Color grading Alvaro Calero Compositing artist: Cristobal Hoyos Executive production: Alejandra Ramírez.


The final project after we do the editing in chief, color grading, and motion graphics of the most recently spot of Alpina Company. #HechoEnLAPOST whit Colombo Films production studio. Agency: Leo Burnett Production studio: Colombo Films Director: Daniel Danon Editing: César Pinilla Color grading: Álvaro CaleroMotion Graphics: Wanda Quintero Executive production: Alejandra Ramírez.


¿The future is coming? Check out this#HechoEnLAPOST for Renault Colombia. Agency: Publicis Colombia Producer: Akira Cine Director: Pablo Flehner Editing: Nicolás Herrán Color gradinf: Alvaro Calero Compositing artist: Cristobal Hoyos Motion designer: Eddymer Salamanca Executive production: Alejandra Ramírez.


The last spot produced by Demente and #HechoEnLAPOST whit the power of our people. ¡See it! Agency: Sancho BBDO Director: Roberto León Producer: Demente Editing: César Pinilla Color grading: Nicolás Herrán Graphic compositing: Dafna Vallejo Executive production: Alejandra Ramírez

Voy Ganao | Systema Solar

Yo Voy Ganao, the last video clip of Systema Solar dedicated to the bigger and traditional fishermen from Taganga, Caribbean Coast. #HechoEnLAPOST whit Panoramika. Also check out the short documentary –► Director: Sergio Zaraza Producer: Panoramika Studio Color supervisor: Roberto de Zubiria Color grading: Nicolás Herrán 3D supervisor: Hernan Giraldo  3D: Diego Castañeda, Alejo Jaramillo Composer: Wanda Quintero.